About Us


Once upon a time, there was a small shop in a modest city. It all started with a handful of young fellows. Our skills and enthusiasm led to forming a future successful team. From then on, in our 25 years of experience we have become a real family.

In his 30's the founder knew very little about jewelleries. His excitement helped him in keeping up with the hard times, as well as his desire to surpass himself. The inflation was continuously increasing and in order to make the dream come true, he took a bank loan with an enormous interest rate, due to the harsh business environment in 1991.

Before pursuing her career in the city his wife felt that she should be a part of this wonderful dream by opening another shop in an old historic town for rewarding the team's work. Further, her vision for the beauty developed in her desire to brighten up the variety of jewelleries.

That tiny shop has been expanding in the national market. Their childhood dream was about to come true. At the beginning, we manufactured jewelleries made of gold. Today, we achieved to design diamond rings and wedding rings at affordable prices according to our customers requirements in our own workshop.

We believe that only through absolute dedication and passion invested in jewelleries, will make our legacy move from generation to generation.

For us, the time spent so far means only a new beginning; the real road is just about to unveil itself!