Exquisite Diamonds offers warranty certificates for each item bought from our shops, representing the proof of buying a high quality product. Exquisite Diamonds guarantees the quality of its products.

Based on this warranty certificate you benefit a 24 months guarantee from the moment you buy the product, if you find a production flaw, demonstrated by examination.

During the warranty period as well as outside of this, Exquisite Diamonds does not take responsibility for further issues which might appear due to mechanical factors, the contact with rough surfaces, not respecting the usage instructions and neither for their repairing made in another place besides ours.

There must be known that gold is a soft metal, therefore if it gets into contact with rough surfaces it might scratch easily and loose its glowing.

In order to enjoy your jewelry for more time, please follow our advice:

  • In order for your jewelry to shine long time from now on, avoid wearing them while doing sports or any household
  • Avoid touching the jewelry with chemical substances or at high temperatures
  • Do not try to clean the jewelry yourself or stones using various substances
  • The jewelry during sleep can clutch or lose their shape. We advise you to take them off.

The diamonds and their mounting are a part of the warranty certificate as long as the regulations regarding their wearing and usage are respected.

We thank you for choosing the quality and design signed by Exquisite Diamonds.

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